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We are your photographers Steve, Ellie, and Matthew!

Steve is a Motion Graphic Artist who graduated from OTIS College of Art and Design, working as a professional digital designer for over 15 years. His background in motion graphics has enabled him to go into many different fields such as, creating digital arts for TV Stations, Commercials, Filming, working as an Editor, Production Director, and Photographer.  His experience as a motion graphic artist and his unique art background made it possible to pursue creativity and editorial shoots in his photography.  It all started when he realized he had a passion for photography taking photos of his families and friends at an early age.  But when he started taking photos for weddings and babies he knew that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.


Steve, Ellie, and Matthew will capture precious moments that your friends and family can cherish for a lifetime.  We understand how important your special day is and they will be your experts and support you in every way. Hiring Steve, Ellie, and Matthew as your photographer will give you more than just a beautiful day of celebration, also will bring a lifetime of memories in the form of timeless photographs.

아이린(Irin)은 전문 포토그래퍼만으로 구성되어 있는

사진 전문 스튜디오 입니다


오랜기간의 경험과 노하우를 바탕으로 아이들의 맑은 눈동자와 자연스럽고 다양한 추억을 만들어 드리고자 노력 할 것입니다..


부모의 마음으로 소중한 우리 아이들의 마음까지 담아 내겠습니다




모션그래픽 디자이너 / 에디터

방송국 카메라 테크니션 / 프로듀서 근무

사진 기자 근무

웨딩, 가족사진, 베이비 촬영

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